The Sword of Summer Audiobook – Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard #1

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All about The Sword of Summer Audiobook Free

The Sword of Summer Audiobook is unique because the main character dies at the end!

The Sword of Summer Audiobook Download
The Sword of Summer Audiobook Unabridged Download

The storyline is around teenage boys who the author points out as kids of a mythical god and goddess. While they are born in the modern world with all the peer influence, their destiny is already determined and shaped. The legacy is in the mythical world.

The Sword of Summer Audiobook Free involves a Norse god, one who defines the legacy for Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. The Norse gods are of a wide variety; Loki and Thor are among the most influential in the mythology tales. When Magnus dies, the story seems to be of little essence, and the author appears disorganized, but this is where a new and fantastic adventure begins.

Plot twist

The plot begins with a 16-year old with Boston streets as the main setting of the story. Magnus is naturally adventurous and spends little time with the family members. The author depicts one of Magnus’ uncle as dangerous; his mother is in a daily effort to Magnus from the harmful uncle. At some point when Magnus realizes the two friends Blitz and hearth are looking for him, he decides to risk going to the uncle despite his mother’s warnings.

The quest for a mythical sword leads to curiosity in meeting the uncle. The adventure is few kilometers from the uncle’s residence on a bridge where the two have to fight a giant, which claims the life of Magnus. However, it is not a natural death; evil spirits possess him in death.

The difference

The Sword of Summer Audiobook Free Download by Rick Riordan
The Sword of Summer Audiobook Free Download by Rick Riordan

Unlike most audiobooks where the main character dies on the last scene, and the audiobook ends, there is a new chapter on The Sword of Summer Audiobook Online Streaming. Magnus resurfaces in a hotel and tries to figure out his previous life. The author brings in suspense and anxiety as the main character take s awhile to figure out why and how he is at the restaurant and what could have happened. It takes a while; Magnus has to die a few more other times to be sober.

The quest at this point is finding the Sword of the Summer as an ultimate tool to chaining up the giant and clearing up the bridge. It is a more dangerous quest, but Magnus is up for it. Phil the Potato is also part of the quest in putting an end to the mythical war. A release of the sword is believed to cause the beginning of the apocalypse.

Audiobook Style and themes

The Sword of Summer Audio will keep your eyes glued from the first to the last scene. It might be your first time to read 488 pages without a break. The author is perfect in implementing several styles and bringing out themes that match the individual role of the characters. You can easily put a face and define the setting of the scene from the wording of the author. Proper choice of words and positioning brings in the magic of the book. Anyone who loves myths and tales of the mythological world will enjoy the action and adventure of the poor kid from the start.

It is only a teenager with a different world from peers. The legacy and mythical orientation distinguish this kid from the rest of the world. Norse mythology and beautiful descriptions by the author on various places as scenes of the play makes this unique. By the time you get to the reality of the Sword of Summer, you will be acquainted with all tricks and styles of the author.

The teenager is in a quest to blend in the lifestyle of the old and new life. Most friends try to bring the stop to his mythical world, but he clearly has a pre-determined destiny and does not compromise on anything in the quest.

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