The Sacrifice Audiobook – The Soul Summoner #5

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The Soul Summoner – The Sacrifice Audiobook Streaming Online by Elicia Hyder

Audiobook Overview

The Sacrifice Audiobook Free Download - The Soul Summoner #5
The Sacrifice Audiobook Free Download – The Soul Summoner #5

The Sacrifice Audiobook is the 5th book in The Soul Summoner series by Elicia Hyder. This series keeps getting better and better. Each scene with them has left me laughing and one even crying. I was blown away by the ending. Fantastic book from start to finish.

Plot Summary

“Hello, Praea.”

There’s only one being on Earth who calls Sloan Jordan by that name – her biological mother, a demon named Kasyade. So why did she answer Sloan’s best friend’s phone? When Sloan reaches Adrianne Marx’s apartment to investigate, all she finds is a half-written list of things to do before Sloan’s wedding:

  1. Order booze for the reception.
  2. Send the final guest count to the caterer.
  3. Register for gifts.
  4. Don’t forget to

That’s where the to-do list ended. Mid-sentence with a scrawled line like Adrianne had been dragged away from the task. If Kasyade was involved in the abduction, Adrianne probably had been.

The reason? Ransom.

The price? Sloan’s unborn daughter, the most powerful angel in all of history.

But hell can’t rival the fury of an angry mother protecting her child, and until the baby is born, her incredible power is Sloan’s to wield. Now the prey becomes the predator as Sloan seeks to put an end to Kasyade forever.

About the Author

The Soul Summoner Author - Elicia Hyder
The Soul Summoner Author – Elicia Hyder

Elicia Hyder is an American author who admits that she used to be a bit of an accident. Her mother and father had birthed their last baby eleven years prior to Elicia coming around. The title given to her was once supposed to set her aside as a blessing however the creator is aware of she used to be a high-quality accident.

She is the author of The Soul Summoner series, the Journey Durant novels, and her new roller derby series, The Music City Rollers. Elicia enjoys barefoot walks on the beach, the proper use of the semicolon, and good IPAs. She sucks at CAPTCHA puzzles and firmly believes heaven will have heavy metal music.

Elicia used to be fortunate due to the fact she had plenty of intelligence. She continually excelled academically. However, that intelligence couldn’t extinguish her wild spirit. No one was surprised when she discarded her research in favor of residing in a tent in the countrywide forest with her dogs.

Elicia was once down for a long time however she determined the braveness to turn her lifestyles around. The authors big destroy got here in the 1990s. Elicia Hyder used to be in rehab. She met a prophet there who advised her that she would write a book one day.
That specific word gave Elicia an aim for which she ought to aim. And the fact that she eventually grew to be a celebrated writer with multiple books under her belt gave Elicia renewed belief in the prophetic word.

Elicia Hyder has a husband and 5 children. Despite leaving behind her studies at an early age, Elicia is proud of the fact that she eventually finished her college studies at the American Military University the place she pursued literature and innovative writing.

Why should you listen to The Soul Summoner – The Sacrifice Audiobook free?

Story: The Sacrifice Audiobook is my favorite of the series! It was hilarious and heartbreaking and suspenseful and romantic. It had me unabashedly laughing out loud in public in every chapter and depleting my tissue box with swoon-worthy moments. This page-turner tested true friendship and love’s limits while the clock wound down.

I love all the characters and can’t imagine the exciting rest of the story to come!! Sloan, Nathan, and Warren are so great and all the supporting characters just really give so much to the stories. I laughed, cried and repeat once again. Emotional rollercoaster sometimes at least for me. It’s action-packed in places and just has a little bit of everything.

If you haven’t read any of these yet, you really need to!

Narrator: The narration was amazing! I love Brittany Pressley! She is an awesome narrator. The men sound like men and everyone gets their own distinct voice. She is amazing!

I actually looked for more books narrated by her as she kept my interest and wasn’t monotone or boring.

Download and listen free!

By: Elicia Hyder
Narrated by: Brittany Pressley
Series: The Soul Summoner Series, Book 5
Length: 9 hrs and 50 mins
Categories: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Elicia Hyder – The Sacrifice (The Soul Summoner #5) is now available in audible format, mp3 is about 8 hrs and 54 mins long, yet the narration by Brittany Pressley is so enticing that you get hooked instantly and keep you up the whole way listening!

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