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The Lord of the Rings Audiobook Free

Listen and download Lord of the Rings Audiobook full free
Listen and download Lord of the Rings Audiobook full free

The Lord of the Rings Audiobook Series is an epic fantasy trilogy written by J.R.R. Tolkien. Some of the main characters include a mix of humans, wizards, hobbits, elves, dwarves, orcs and other demons, who exist within the same realms, from allies and fight for the expansion of their kingdoms just as humans would. This gives a medieval flare to the work, mixed with magical elements.

Tolkien then spent the next 12 years writing LotR audiobook, developing and expanding the novel into the three-part series:

– The Fellowship of the Ring Audiobook

– The Two Towers Audiobook

– The Return of the King Audiobook

The trilogy became instantly popular, and was recently made into a multi-billion dollar movie franchise. It is one of the widest selling works of all time, with over 150 million copies sold.

The audiobook starts with the events that took place in the Hobbit audiobook free. The whole audiobook revolves around a fictional world known as “middle earth.” And lord of the rings is referred to an entity named Sauron who is actually the dark lord. He had lost one of his rings long ago which contained almost all his power. Now he desires to reclaim that one ring and get control of all of the middle earth using that ring. Z

The Audiobook review

As this book was published in 1954, people consider it as a very precious one. The Lord of the Rings audiobook free is filled with lots of magic and imaginations about the otherworld fiction. The audiobook grabs your attention from the very first page and keeps you indulge with it to the very last page. The mind-boggling fantasy of this audiobook has kept not only the young people hooked but also the older ones.

This audiobook is filled with the stories of heroic friendship, a great tale of love and set a benchmark for the upcoming audiobooks. The whole story contains love for language and nature. The Lord of the Rings audiobook is not some fast-paced action fantasy if you want to really enjoy it, have patience.

Tolkein has very beautifully described the whole of the fiction world named “middle earth” that one faces no difficulty at all in imagining it. He created a world of challenges for the souls of every character in the world. The ring plays with the minds of every character and challenges them with the things they cherish the most.


Rob Inglis has such a vast range. He can voice so many characters in a way that makes it hard to believe that it is the same person. He really brought this book to life. Rob Inglis also sang the songs during the narration, which turned it into even more of a treat. It was a good change of pace every once in a while. I find the book most fun while listening to it while driving. Definitely worth the 11 hours.


J.R.R Tolkien was an English writer mostly known for Lord of the rings & The Hobbit. He was a great storyteller and was obsessed with attention to detail. His books leave audiences excited and on edge every time.

Download and Listen

The lord of the rings, in my opinion, can definitely be termed as the best fantasy books of all times. A person who claims to be a fan of fantasy and has not got their hand on this one is not really a fantasy fan.

This audiobook can also inspire young writers on how a fantasy book should be written. Every time a person listens to the audiobook, they discover a new depth in it. This book is basically a different version of the hobbit audiobook but deeper.

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