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Legends of the First Empire Audiobooks

Legends of the First Empire Audiobooks Streaming Online Free by Michael J. Sullivan

The Legends of the First Empire Audiobook is a series of fantasy novels that explores the events of Novron’s era, more than three thousand years before the events of the Riyria Revelations and the Riyria Chronicles.

No prior knowledge of the Riyria books is required to enjoy this series to the fullest, but those who read both will find the truth in various myths and legends and see for themselves how The First Empire was formed.

Author Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan’s trailblazing career began with the breakout success of his Riyria series: full-bodied, spellbinding fantasy adventures whose imaginative scope and sympathetic characters won a devoted readership and comparisons to fantasy masters Brandon Sanderson, Scott Lynch, and Tolkien himself. Now, Sullivan’s stunning hardcover debut, Age of Myth Audiobook, inaugurates an original five-book series–and one of fantasy’s finest next-generation storytellers continues to break new ground.

Legends of the First Empire Books in order

There are 6 books in Legends of the First Empire Audiobooks series:

  1. Age of Myth Audiobook
  2. Age of Swords Audiobook
  3. Age of War Audiobook
  4. Age of Legend Audiobook
  5. Age of Death Audiobook
  6. Age of Empire Audiobook

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