Peace Talks Audiobook Free (The Dresden Files, #16) by Jim Butcher

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Another great audiobook in the Dresden Audiobooks series! Harry Dresden and his gang of misfits just keep getting better with each book!


All about The Dresden Files: Peace Talks Audiobook

Peace Talks Audiobook Free Download
Peace Talks Audiobook Free Download

Peace Talks Audiobook is the sixteenth audiobook in The Dresden Files Audiobooks series by Jim Butcher. It follows the protagonist, Harry Dresden as he attempts to navigate a convoluted peace negotiation between various supernatural powers.

When the Supernatural nations of the world meet up to negotiate an end to ongoing hostilities, Harry Dresden, Chicago’s only professional wizard, joins the White Council’s security team to make sure the talks stay civil. But can he succeed, when dark political manipulations threaten the very existence of Chicago – and all he holds dear?

Audiobook Review

Narrated by James Marsters and takes 12 hrs and 52 mins for audible version, Peace Talks Audiobook mp3 was everything I hoped it would be and more. Totally worth the wait.

Considering this audiobook follows the best book in the series (Skin Game) by far and a seriously long break, there were a lot of expectations to live up to. Butcher’s answer is to offer the typical Dresden novel with a few significant twists. It takes some skill to produce something that feels the same AND different, cozy and surprising.

A lot has changed in The Dresden Files over the years. I love how each book builds off one another and Butcher revisits old foes, frenemies, and plotlines, sometimes years later.

Listening to Peace Talks is such a rewarding experience.

Plot Summary

Harry Dresden, now torn between his White Council wizard duties, his obligatory Winter Knight duties, and being a father to his daughter, is contacted by the Winter Queen Mab to serve as an emissary for Winter at upcoming peace negotiations between the Fomor and the various other signatories of the Accords. Even as he does, he discovers that forces in the mortal world are moving against him and Karrin Murphy, the White Council may be meeting to expel him, something in collusion with Outsiders is trying to kill him, and his grandfather, Ebenezar McCoy, wants to take his daughter away from him to someplace safe until she can grow into her magic.

His brother, Thomas Raith, attacks the King of the Svartalfar at the cusp of the negotiations, fails, and is imprisoned. Lara Raith uses favors from Mab to force Harry into springing him, and they do so right during the middle of the peace talks for the Fomor to join the Accords.

Arriving just as Harry and Lara are escaping, the King of the Fomor declares open war on the surface and humanity, and introduces the last Titan, in possession of the Eye of Balor, who effortlessly humiliates Mab and intimidates almost all other present parties. He declares that in a few hours, the Fomor will rise from Lake Michigan and sack Chicago. The Accordites realize this would almost certainly mean a genocidal war against the supernatural, and would likely result in their extinction… possibly while the Fomor are safe in their underwater cities.

Harry flees to Demonreach with Thomas, who is dying from his Hunger. He has to outwit his grandfather McCoy and finally reveals that Thomas is his brother, much to the older wizard’s utter disgust and rage. Harry escapes and traps Thomas in a Warden crystal, imprisoning him in Demonreach, to prevent his death.

Lara attacks Harry in a rage, thinking he has effectively trapped Thomas as a future pawn. Harry easily overpowers her with the aid of the island’s spirit, and the two agree to an uneasy truce to face the greater threat, not having the resources to save Thomas on hand anyway.

Peace Talks Audiobook Download – End

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