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Black Tide Rising 4: Strands of Sorrow Audiobook by John Ringo

Strands of Sorrow Audiobook, an audiobook to relisten frequently

Strands of Sorrow Audiobook – The fourth and last audiobook in Black Tide Rising Audiobook series sees the beginning of major zombie clearance on the US mainland, with the retaking of some large coastal bases, and planning for the re-establishment of proper civilization beyond survival. Given the clearance of the bases, more and more surviving higher officers start to appear, some of whom are unable to adapt to the “new military”.

Strands of Sorrow Audiobook free by John Ringo
Strands of Sorrow Audiobook free by John Ringo

A solid finish to the Black Tide Rising Audiobook series, but at the same time leaves you wanting another installment in the story. The story line follows Faith and Sophia Smith as they continue to grow as Marine and Navy officers and, of course, continue to decimate zombies. Some humor, on the dark side, and a whole heaping lot of action.

John Ringo – an author of the bestseller audiobooks

This amazingly talented author has done it again -hit it straight outta the park! Excellent, non-stop, edge of your seat action. This last audiobook of the series brought it all together -potential listeners absolutely must start from the first audiobook – each of the preceding three have also been edge of your seat, majorly addictive novels and definitely will not disappoint.

Ringo starts well and finishes magnificently in this fourth and final audiobook of the “Black Tide Rising” series. The seagoing survivors of Wolf Squadron, drawn from all walks of life, have bonded through ten months of sustained combat against the Infected. With barely-sufficient numbers, they undertake the audacious recapture of key points in North America, beginning with the US military’s pre-positioned stockpiles of armored vehicles, helicopters, and ammunition.

Black Tide Rising Audiobook and John Ringo
Black Tide Rising Audiobook and John Ringo

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John Ringo writes stories that are hard to stop listening. With characters that grab your attention, you find yourself moving in their world, felling their triumphs and tragedies. Highly recommended audiobook series as are all of his others. You can’t go wrong with any of his audiobooks.

One of the things we most enjoyed was the author’s ability to bring his characters to life. In fact that we had no difficulty whatsoever “seeing” Strands of Sorrow Audiobook inside our head and because of that exceptional talent we found us growing rather attached to this brave, “little bit crazy”, “just turned 14”, warrior with an amazingly huge heart and let us not forget Decker -totally nuts – but what a soldier – brave, dedicated & an all-around great guy.

The plot of Strands of Sorrow Audiobook was solid, the action was plausible, and the story made our hair stand on end in a few scenes. Furthermore, this audiobook once again reminded us that those who can’t spell “genocide” probably aren’t qualified to define it; and, it was an excellent audiobook from start to finish.

The recommendation, given without any hesitation whatsoever, is to listen to Strands of Sorrow Audiobook and every other audiobooks in this series…never a dull moment and a definite must listen!

  • By: John Ringo
  • Narrated by: Tristan Morris
  • Series: Black Tide Rising Unabridged Audiobook, Book 4
  • Length: 13 hrs and 16 mins
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Audible Studios


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