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What’s Black Tide Rising Audiobook series?

Black Tide Rising Audiobook series based on a zombie apocalypse, but dealing with living, near-rabid, infected humans rather than the living dead.

The story centers around a family of survivalists (mother, father, and two teenage daughters) who get early warning of the plague and escape by boat, only to realize that they are the best hope for others stranded at sea.

Black Tide Rising Audiobook series includes:

  1. Under a Graveyard Sky Audiobook
  2. To Sail a Darkling Sea Audiobook
  3. Islands of Rage & Hope Audiobook
  4. Strands of Sorrow Audiobook

These are the good stories. In fact, the great stories. These are the stories I want the follow up to. There was a great execution, and a perfect presentation, making me care about people I only spend a few minutes with, and I want to know what happens next. I want to see them survive.

You can’t miss it!

If you haven’t read John Ringo’s awesome Black Tide Rising series, you’re missing out. It started as a trilogy, spun out into a quartet, then inspired an anthology….not that I would know anything about that. Heh.

The premise is simple: Imagine if The Walking Dead was reasonable, and the characters smart and likable. It started with a not Zombie plague, even though the airborne virus turns the majority of those infected into violent, mindless savages with a bad tendency to bite. Due to stupid squishy policies (like a ban on shooting to kill the “poor unfortunate souls who are merely sick” …. ow. I just rolled my eyes too hard), the infected are allowed to survive until they are so numerous, civilization collapses.

Don’t waste your time, click here to listen and download Black Tide Rising Audiobook series free:

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